Use It or Lose It

Use it or lose it dental benefits

Do you know your plan maximum?
In California, the maximum amount is the total benefits that a plan will pay in a 12-month period. The year might end on December 31st or following a year of coverage. If you don’t monitor dental benefits, you could pay for great coverage and lose some or all benefits.

Typically, dental plans also have deductibles, waiting periods, exclusions, co-pays, and maximum out-of-pocket costs for patients. Therefore, if you don’t visit your provider for a treatment plan, you won’t know what procedures will be covered.

Are you going to lose your benefits?
If you wonder how to improve your oral health in December, the answer is clear:

Call the friendly office staff at Century Smile! 310.836.6161

In the office of Dr. Maryam Talaie, D.D.S., we offer appointments in December to exhaust the remaining benefits for patients. You can also piggyback services by scheduling a combination of visits in December 2020 and January 2021.

Why Seeing Your Dentist is Urgent
Here are reasons why you should make an appointment ASAP:
● There could be up to $2,000 left in a private plan or flexible health savings account.
● You lose these benefits forever if you don’t obtain the service by the deadline.
● You must use benefits at a qualified medical or dental provider’s office near you. Check your plan to see if Century Smile is in-network or out of network.
● You can get caught up in the stress of winter break, holiday, and year-end activities at home and work.

Examples of Services We Offer:
Many procedures require a visit to develop a custom treatment plan. Depending on our patient load, another visit might be required to have the procedure. A third appointment might involve assessing your mouth as a follow-up to a procedure.

Here are some services you might need involving one or more visits to Century Smile:
● Getting a cap or crown to protect a broken, damaged, or decaying tooth
● Having an extraction of a badly worn tooth or infected tooth
● Gum surgery to reverse the impact of periodontal disease
● Getting custom-fitted for full or partial dentures
● Screening for oral cancer
● Repairing existing teeth with fillings
● Application of veneers to protect the outer surface of teeth
● Teeth whitening
● Sealants to safeguard the tops of molars against bacteria that cause tooth decay
● Root canals to clean out the infected area inside a tooth

Dr. Talaie and her staff value your oral health and look forward to meeting your needs in the final weeks of 2020. Contact us for an appointment, or you could lose your existing dental or flexible savings benefits!

Give us a call today 310.836.6161!

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