When you come to us at Century Smile Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry clinic, you will see why we are aptly named Century Smile. We offer patients the latest, 21st century procedures in cosmetic dentistry, top customer comforts, and most importantly of all, state-of-the-art pain reduction techniques so your visit will certainly be more uncomfortable than painful. The fear of pain from a dentist stops many people from going for whatever the reason, but today’s procedures for pain reduction should make this fear a thing of the past. You will be in the capable hands of the highly qualified staff of Century Smile who will make your visit to the Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry a pleasure, and afterwards, your new, confident smile will have made the visit really worth it.

There are dozens of different cosmetic dentistry procedures that can be done for people who wish to have a new, pearly white, confidence-boosting smile. Century Smile has used Internet technology to give you information of what can be done for you. After you have the necessary knowledge, you can take the next step by making an appointment at our Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry clinic where our dentists will begin the process to give you a new, white smile. Some cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures include dental implants, porcelain veneers, the new Invisalign procedure, and special teeth whitening procedures. When you come for your appointment you can speak to this highly respected and qualified dentist about what you prefer. After evaluation, he will give you pertinent advice and suggestions, as well as give you more details of what you can expect during and after the cosmetic dentistry you have chosen.

Century Smile dentists already have years of experience in all cosmetic dentistry, medical dentistry, and general maintenance of teeth, so you can certainly visit our Los Angeles cosmetic dentistry clinic with complete peace of mind of being in the hands of the very best. When you come to this practice, you will also be forgiven for thinking that you are in a luxury spa because of the comfortable, contemporary surroundings and assistance by friendly staff to help you. Your fear of the dentist will dissipate forever after a visit to Century Smile. Before you come for your appointment we have even provided you patient forms for your convenience online that you can download and bring with you on your first visit. This is just another way we can help make your visit to the dentist less stressful.

Los Angeles Cosmetic dentistry at Century Smile is hardly as expensive as what you may think, and if you do not have dental plans that cover your specific procedure then do not let that put you off. Century Smile will give you advice and suggestions on where to obtain financing that is comfortable to manage on your budget. With all this in mind, there is simply no reason not to come and renew your appearance with the smile of your dreams.

No Insurance?

We take all PPO dental insurance. No insurance? We’ve got you covered. Inquire about individual coverage options such as Aflac or financing options such Alphaeon® Credit and CareCredit® and even if you can’t afford to pay in full, we are willing to arrange an in-house payment plan.

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