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When you imagine visiting the dentist, do you prefer a gentle experience or discomfort? Most people dread this service, and they will put it off as long as they can. Once they have a pleasant visit, they will stay for years with their beloved practitioner. That’s what to expect because she makes patients comfortable and reduces their pain. What’s more, when people move to a new place, some return to their former city to visit their old dentist. Voted as a top LA dentist by Los Angeles Times, Dr. Talaie values patients like you and provides seamless care. She improves your oral health and gives back to the community. She does all this and more as she helps patients in Culver City.

Building a Practice One Patient at a Time
Los Angeles has hundreds of dentists, and one could spend years meeting them all. Yet, when you get to know Dr. Talaie, you see why she loves the art and science of dentistry. Her daily availability is easy to view on her website. On the one hand, Dr. T gets to focus on how to shape the teeth in a patient’s mouth using her best skills. On the other hand, she gets to practice the science of dentistry, which she infuses in every procedure. So, from her standpoint, she enjoys the best of both worlds. She is a generalist and a specialist in her work. When you meet with Dr. Talaie, feel reassured because your individual needs are her top priority. Her entire staff supports you, so you always leave a happy customer. This occurs even when a mistake requires extra attention!

Trusting Dr. Talaie’s Experience
With over 20 years in the field, Dr. Talaie provides patients with minimally invasive dental care. She completed her studies at the University of Southern California. She has served her community through pro bono services and preventive care for kids. If you can’t pay in full with a dental plan or programs like Alphaeon Credit or CareCredit, she sets up your custom payment plan. Being at the top of her field means patients receive the highest level of care.

Standing Out As a Top LA Dentist
This is one of very few offices in the U.S. offering G4 by Golpa implants, which give you a permanent bridge in 24 hours. Trust Dr. Talaie to stay informed on the research that revolutionizes dentistry every year. Her staff has adopted virtual services to serve patients after COVID. You will see her light touch in every part of your visit to the Century City office.

Safeguarding Your Needs
Before choosing a top LA dentist, consider your short-term and long-term needs. Your oral health matters.
● Gather your dental records and look for a dentist near you.
● Research his or her professional credentials and reputation in Los Angeles.
● Check any issues with a dentist’s license in the state of California.
● Ask to speak with current patients for true testimonials.

In the end, you will discover that Dr. Talaie has performed thousands of procedures and satisfied many patients. She is committed to serving you and your family!

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