Should You Get G4 Dental Implants in Our Office?

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Do you hate your smile? One reason is you are one of over 30 million edentulous patients in the U.S. You are, quite frankly, missing teeth. Another segment of patients have crooked or badly damaged teeth. These problems embarrass you, which is normal. You also struggle with these common concerns:

• You won’t smile in photos.
• You wonder how to remedy the situation, so you can make better first impressions.
• You know most dental plans don’t cover restoration on the scale you need.
• You believe your love life would improve if your teeth were more attractive.

Dr. Talaie has good news! She can recommend cosmetic procedures to transform your smile. Many techniques involve repeated visits to a dentist. Only one process is complete within 24 hours – G4 by Golpa!

G4 Dental Implants vs. All-on-4 Implants

Since there are corrective procedures like implants that can turn your life around, it’s worth talking to your dentist. Dr. Talaie wants patients to understand the true costs of implants. Any comprehensive plan to fix your mouth costs thousands of dollars, but the results are worth it. The immediate boosts to your self-esteem and well-being are priceless.

Here are three options to consider.
• Get custom dentures and remove them nightly. It is common for these appliances to stop working over time, which means you pay to repair or replace them.
• Choose the All-on-4 implant process, which involves many visits over one year. You might visit several specialists during this process.
• Pay for G4 by Golpa and save thousands. Patients receive a full set of upper or lower titanium implants in a 24-hour period.

The last option works with an experienced dentist who owns a cutting-edge laboratory.


There are countless reasons to take your time and choose the right procedure. Dr. Golpa has patented his protocols to make the implantation process cheaper and less painful. He has improved on All-on-4 practices. While Dr. Golpa operates facilities in Las Vegas and other cities, we can offer his techniques in our location. Dr. Golpa’s procedures are not for everyone. If you are considering implants, keep these points in mind:

• You could spend a fortune on a dentist who doesn’t have the best implantation experience. Sadly, you would need to pay a different specialist to correct the mistakes.
• You might have medical or dental problems that prohibit you from getting surgery.
• You wish to save for the full cost of the procedure.
• There can be a delay due to high demand in scheduling this top-rated service.

Dr. Golpa has changed the lives of patients by implanting bridges into their mouths in a single day.
Dr. Talaie proudly offers appointments to valued patients with the inventor of G4 technology. If you schedule this service, we will gladly craft your custom implants in our office. The results will pay for themselves many times over!

Talk to Dr. Talaie about your best option, so we can fix your smile! Give us a call today 310-836-6161 or

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