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Everyone desires to wear a beautiful, healthy smile— your smile is one of your greatest assets. But not all of us have a healthy set of teeth. Some of us have dental woes and teeth imperfections that can make us shy about smiling.

Moreover, some dental problems can also adversely affect our overall wellness.

  • Gaps
  • Overlapping or Overcrowding
  • Crooked or Misaligned Teeth
  • Gum Recession
  • Tartar and Plaque
  • Cavity
  • Bad breath

Thanks to cutting-edge dental technology Century Smile offers great solutions to all your dental flaws and concerns.

One of the most modern dental solutions is Invisalign.   Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners specially made for you to help move your teeth into the right position. Invisalign offers you the opportunity to achieve a perfect happy smile without the hassle, embarrassment and barriers of traditional braces. It is a clear aligner, hiding the reality that you are wearing braces.

Here are the dental problems and teeth imperfections that can be fixed and treated with Invisalign.

  1. Crowded Teeth
  2. Overbite
  3. Gapped teeth
  4. Open Bite
  5. Crossbite

The dental Invisalign treatment may take between 5 to 12 months to complete, but it may vary depending on the complexity of your case. The full treatment, timeline and dental Invisalign cost will be determined during your visit with an Invisalign dentist.

Straightening and aligning your teeth to enhance your smile and to improve your dental health should not be taken for granted. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation! 1-310-836-6161 or you can request an appointment on line.  We will evaluate your case and determine if a dental Invisalign procedure is the best fit for you.

Remember, a confidently beautiful smile is a happy and healthy smile. Let your smile be your greatest asset.

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