Am I A Candidate for Dental Laser Treatment?

What is dental laser treatment? - Century Smile Dental

What is dental laser treatment?

Dental laser treatment is a dental procedure that uses a laser, for example, to remove bacteria from your gums during root canals as well as using it to help reshape the gums. During any procedure using a dental laser, light energy is emitted in a narrow beam to shape or remove specific tissue in the mouth.

Why would you want dental laser treatment?

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Healing from this treatment is much faster, and in a lot of ways, it’s more effective than without the laser treatment. It also reduces the risk of infection and combats discomfort for you as the patient. Here’s what it can be used for:

If you struggle with gum health issues, you will want laser dental treatment because it’s painless, heals fast, and restores your gums to optimal health.

Benefits of using dental laser treatment

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  • Faster healing time
  • You may not need anesthesia.
  • Infection is less likely.
  • Patients lose less blood than with traditional surgery.
  • The patient has less anxiety because it’s not as invasive, and there is no need for dental drills or other traditional dental tools.

What makes you a good candidate for dental laser treatment?

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Typically, people who make good candidates for dental laser treatment are people who have poor dental hygiene, smoke or use other tobacco products, or don’t get regular dental cleanings.

Another reason to use laser dental treatment would be for someone with periodontal disease or for those who have a low pain tolerance.

Dental laser surgery is non-invasive to the patient, making room for less pain and faster healing time. You are also a candidate for dental laser surgery if you are older due to the fact that you’re more prone to diseases and pain. However, you want to consult your dentist FIRST and get their opinion on the steps to take that will benefit you the most in the long run with your oral health.

What makes you NOT a good candidate for laser dental treatment?

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Suppose you have optimum dental and gum health and don’t require dental surgeries that aid in gum diseases or tooth decay. In that case, you’re not someone that would need laser gum treatment, but as stated before, these things should be passed through and decided by your dentist to give you the proper steps for your overall dental health.

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